The Roland TR-606 is a portable, economical, automatic and fully programmable rhythm device, which can memorize our own rhythms with exceptional flexibility. With it you can write and record different percussive rhythms into non-volatile memory (battery back-up), with up to seven different drum sounds plus accent. Then you can adjust the volume of each percussion sound with individual level controls for full flexibility over the final mix.

Programming several rhythms can be accomplished and stored in a particular order on the memory, forming the entire rhythm track of a song. The music can then quite easily be amended, since the TR-606 includes a simple, yet effective, editting facility.

In this manual, we shall refer to each bar of the music as a "Rhythm Pattern".

So, the TR-606 has mainly 2 basic functions. One of them is "Writing/Playing a Rhythm Pattern", the other is "Writing/Playing a Rhythm Track". The former describes the writing of individual bars into computer memory, to be played later, while the latter describes writing the entire rhythm track of a piece into computer memory, which also may be played later.

The TR-606 can do all this, and more, so each switch has at least two functions. Furthermore, adjacent Rhythm Patterns may be "chained" together into single, more complex patterns, for divisions as small as sixty-fourth notes, or for more complex time signatures.

When using the Track Write function, eight track positions give a maximum of seven different compositions of 64 bars each, and one of 256 bars, and can be chained together in various combinations for extended compositions of up to 256 bars each.

A programmable D.C. BAR allows you to program the final bar of a Track composition to begin again at the first bar.

The TR-606 can be connected to a variety of digital sequencers, synthesizers, and other devices for synchronized rhythmic control of sound, expanding its live performance, composing and recording applications.

The TR-606 is exceptionally compact, and for maximum portability features battery operation for all functions including a self-contained Headphone Amplifier for monitoring through any Stereo Headphone. For extended battery life, a socket is included on the back panel for connection to an optional Boss ACA Battery Eliminator.

The TR-606 owner's manual has two courses consisting of a Basic Course and an Advanced Course, because these unique functions should be completely understood.

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