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cheap analogue drum machines

images of analogues

vintage analogue monosynths

polysynth images

samples of vintage analogues
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ARP Odyssey
Akai MPC
Boss DR-110
Boss DR-220
Boss DR-55
Casio CZ
Casio RZ-1
Casio SK
Chroma Chroma-Polaris
Fender Chroma-Polaris
Kawai K-3
Kawai SX-synths
Korg KPR-77
Korg KR-55
Korg MS-synths
Linn LinnDrum
Moog MG-1
Moog MicroMoog
Moog MiniMoog
Moog Rogue
Multivox MX-51
Music-and-More VF11
Octave Kitten
Paia Fatman
Paia Vocoder
Rhodes Chroma-Polaris
Roland CompuRhythm
Roland JX
Roland Juno
Roland MC-202
Roland MC-303
Roland MT-32
Roland SH-101
Roland SH-synths
Roland System-100
Roland TR-505
Roland TR-606
Roland TR-626
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-727
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Sequential Drumtraks
Sequential Tom
Siel DK-600
Univox Micro-Rhythmer-12
Yamaha CS-50
Yamaha MR-10
Yamaha RX
Yamaha TX-81z

Paia Fatman
Paia Vocoder
Paia Fatman
Paia Vocoder
drum-machines CompuRhythm
drum-machines DR-110
drum-machines DR-220
drum-machines DR-55
drum-machines KPR-77
drum-machines KR-55
drum-machines MR-10
drum-machines Micro-Rhythmer-12
drum-machines Sequential-Tom
drum-machines TR-606
drum-machines TR-707
drum-machines TR-808
drum-machines TR-909
drum-machines Yamaha-RX
Paia Fatman
Paia Vocoder
monosynths MC-202
monosynths MS-synths
monosynths MiniMoog
monosynths SH-101
monosynths SH-synths
monosynths System-100
samplers SK
sequencers MC-202

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