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cheap analogue drum machines

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vintage analogue monosynths

polysynth images

samples of vintage analogues
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music machines: links

The Coordinators List of drum machines, sequencers, and other equipment
The Csound home page.
Cassette House
Gear Wanted list
Audio Engineering Society
MIDI Controllable Analogue Synthesizers
Jamie Heilman's Effects schematics and stuff.
Commodore SID chip
Sound Machine Sound.
Bill Powelson's School of Drums
MIDI2CS for making CSound files from MIDI files.
The Soundroom
Clan Analogue
Digital Kitchen sells sample CDs
Georg Mueller's gear info (including some modular synths, Matrix 1000 and Microwave programmers, Quasimidi Quasar)
Pasi Nummisalo's Vintage Synths page.
Turnkey Music's list of cool music sites.
MIDI files
MIDI->DIN Sync convertor
SGI audio software
Midwest Analog Products
Musicians Against Copyrighting Of Samples
American Music Information
MAX patches
PC digital audio

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