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music machines: structure
The central structure of Music Machines is the organization of files by manufacturer, model, and type of file. Each manufacturer (such as Korg, Moog, Sequential) has an entry. Each piece of gear that manufacturer produced can have its own entry there. And for each model, there may be further entries for images, software, schematics, mods, and patches.
This organization provides the main view of the site, but others are available. Equipment is also cross-listed by categories such as drum machines, effects, and monosynths. Additionally, topics not relating to specific manufacturers (such as MIDI and CV/Gate) can be found under categories.
Other views include the ability to view the entire site by file type. From the main gear page, you can see all images, all software, all schematics, and so on.
Another view provided is by way of the search page. This allows you to search all the text and pages at the music machines site for keywords.
Although each file only appears in the archive once, cross-listing means that you may be able to find it several ways. For example, to find images of the Roland TR-808 you could:
  • Go [gear] -> [Roland] -> [TR-808] -> [images]
  • Go [gear] -> [images] -> [TR-808]
  • Go [gear] -> [categories] -> [drum-machines] -> [TR-808] -> [images]
  • Go [search] -> [TR-808] -> [images]

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