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cheap analogue drum machines

images of analogues

vintage analogue monosynths

polysynth images

samples of vintage analogues
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music machines: finding things
finding things
If you're looking for a particular piece of equipment by a particular manufacturer, look in the gear section of the site. Follow the link for the appropriate manufacturer and then look for the model name you want.
e.g. for the Roland TB-303, go to gear, then select Roland then look for TB-303.
If you're looking for certain kinds of equipment, look in the gear section, follow the link to categories, and then choose one.
e.g. for drum machines, go to gear, select categories, choose drum-machines.
If you're looking for images, or for software, or schematics, or some particular type of file, go to gear and follow the appropriate link.
e.g. for images of all kinds of equipment, go to gear and select images
Not sure what you're looking for? Try using search and see what turns up.
If you're unable to find what you want here, explore Music Machine's links to other sites on the web. Links to a specific manufacturer (or piece of equipment) are also included on Music Machine's page for that manufacturer.

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