PROPHET 3000 block diagram

PROPHET 3000 block diagram


NOTE: removing the top panel of your p3000

the front panel knobs don't have to be removed in order to open up the p3000. there's also no need to unscrew the two bolts on top of the unit. they're merely used to attach the power supply transformer to the top panel.
remove the screw on the front panel (above the letters 'SE' of 'SEQUENTIAL'). remove two screws on the back of the p3000 (one under the 'RIGHT/MONO' jack, the other under the '1' and '2' outputs). now remove the 4 screws that attach the two rackmount L shapes to the p3000 (2 screws per L shape). finally, remove the 4 srews that fasten the top panel to the rest of the unit. then gently push back the disk drive (which is attached to the top panel) until you're able to lift the top panel from the unit. disconnect the floppy connector from the main board.

1. (20 pins) CEM 3387 8736 101B (low noise VC signal processor)
2. (16 pins) CEM 3357 8733
3. (16 pins) SGS HCF 4051BE 98618Y
4. (16 pins) PCM56P 95 8717 D8 273
5. (40 pins) AM 5380PC 86 35DP (c)1986 AMD
6. (68 pins) not used
7. (xtal) DOC-70 48000.00 kHz KDS-7D
8. (64 pins) SCI I-629 TLR FOA HG61H25B53P 8730 JAPAN
9. (40 pins) (c)WDC'86 WD37C65-PL 00-02 8727 016819101
10a. (28 pins) 27C64-25 8718 CEA PRGM @ 12.5 V (SCI BOOT 1.0 LS on my sampler)
10b. (28 pins) 27C64-25 8718 CEA PRGM @ 12.5 V (SCI BOOT 1.0 MS on my sampler)
11. (34 pins) connector to floppy
12. (44 pins) JAPAN SCI I-627 P74 000
13. (64 pins) 7E1 HD68HC000P8 JAPAN
14. (30 pins) connector to expansion option (not used)
15. (64 pins) HG61 H04R21P
16. (40 pins) 7H3 HD63B03R1P JAPAN
17. (28 pins) B8724 NMC27C64Q 200 (SCI SMPTE 1.4 on my sampler)
18a. (18 pins) 8731NCK TTC511000P-12 (block 0) (these seem to have been replaced by 411024 chips on later models)
18b. (18 pins) empty sockets (block 1)

serial numbers found on my prophet's disk drive:

PN134422-32 REV B