This is part 2 of the TR-606 by Geoff Waterston where he shows you
an extra modification that builds upon part one which enables you
to control the pitch of the 606 bassdrum.  Here's the sequel where
he shows you the extra modification that can be done that will create
a pitchsweep on the bassdrum, and is switched on by the hightom trigger
output.  He will also show you how to turn the low tom into a 909(ish)
bass drum.  Finally, we'll do some modifications to the snare drum,
which will alter the pitch, noise filter and decay.

The construction method is very simple.  You just have to solder wires
onto the copper side of the PCB and swap capacitor and resistor values;
some capacitors are increased in value by soldering another capacitor
directly to it on the PCB.  Geoff Waterston admits that this is quite a
crude method, but it's also very simple and quick.

1x 33nF capacitor
1x 68nF capacitor
1x .22uF electrolytic capacitor
1x 330uF electrolytic capacitor

4x 100K pot linear
3x 1M pot linear
1x 390 ohm resistor
1x 220 ohm resistor
1x 12 ohm resistor
1x 8.2K resistor
1x 5.6K resistor
1x 470K resistor
1x 82K resistor

1x 1N4148 diode
1x BC108 transistor

pitchsweep mod instructions
high tom to 909 bassdrum mod instructions
snare mod instructions

diagram 1

diagram 2

diagram 3

diagram 4

diagram 5

solder photo 1

solder photo 2

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