This is a direct transcription of the original 606 User's Manual. I have corrected spelling where it was obviously wrong, but i've left the grammar in it's original, unspoilt state.

The only picture included is a scan of page 6 which is a front panel view with labelling of each button and knob, repeatedly referred to later in the text. The lack of other pictures should not be a huge loss; the manual is reasonably easy to understand without them. All the scores i've written in "techno" style, i.e. instead of using notes and rests i've used Xs and dashes. Unless you're a diehard drummer this should be easier to understand anyway.

Wherever something in the manual needed clarification or large correction, i've made a comment enclosed in square brackets - [].

If you still can't get your 606 working after reading this, it's probably broken - it's about the easiest drum machine in the world to program.

Thanks to Kjetil Grontoft <kjetil.grontoft@notam.uio.no> for scanning page 6 for us!

Also check out the Reference Card for more official Roland information.

Alex Cavaye 1999

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