606 Links

Here are some links relating to the TR-606...

Music Machines TR-606 archive
Sonicstate's TR-606 reviews
Harmony Central 606 review
TR-606 at the Synth Museum
The Drumatix TR-606 page of Kristofer Ulfves

Analogue Solutions - check out their 606 mods
Funk Tech Systems - some 606 mods from Australia

If you have any questions about the TR-606, here are some places you could try to find the answers...

Analogue Heaven mailing list and archives
Synth-DIY mailing list and archives
usenet: alt.music.makers.electronic
usenet: alt.music.synth.roland.tb303
usenet: rec.music.makers.synth

Other sites which may be of interest to 606 users...

Computer Controlled, the TB-303 homepage - the homepage for the 606's evil twin
Drum Machine Museum - everything you wanted to know about drum machines and more
MC-202 homepage - the best thing here for 606 users is the dinsync faq
Roland Groove Zone - with official info on the new and old x0xs.
Synthesizers & Music Equipment Manuals & Documentation - Mark Glinsky kindly provides a source for a multitude of synth manuals here

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