606 information not found in the manual

One of the great things about the 606 is that there are alot of undocumented features and interesting usage techniques which weren't necessarily the intention of the designers. This page covers some of these, as well as a few general bits of 606 information.

serial.txt - Roland's 606 updates and when they happenned
battery.txt - the last word on saving your patterns
specs.txt - unofficial 606 specs

shuffle.txt - how to make your 606 shuffle
breaks.txt - how to make lo-fi breaks
live.txt - tips for using your 606 live

annemiek <annemiek.gijsbers@student-kmt.hku.nl> suggests using the trigger outputs as instruments in their own right. You will have to be careful not to blow your speakers, but if it's mixed properly you can get some really sharp electro-esque drumsounds from them.

Philip McGarva <philipm@isd.canberra.edu.au> has noticed that if you trigger the 606 by external sync you can still use its tempo knob to alter the decay of the open hi hat.

sutekh <sutekh71@hotmail.com> reminded us that if you leave the batteries of the 606 out long enough, you will end up getting a range random patterns which (assuming you're into that sort of thing) can sound pretty cool. Remember to reset the pattern length to 16 steps though!

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