AKAI VX600 information page

AKAI VX600 information page

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the VX600 is an analog synthesizer made by AKAI in 1988. imo one of the most underrated synthesizers ever built. the VX600 sports 6 voices, each featuring two oscillators with square/pulse, saw and triangle waves plus white noise. this beast uses real voltage controlled oscillators (tuning problems galore) that can be crossmodulated for gritty sounds.

each voice can be assigned to a different MIDI channel, making the VX600 a 6-voice multitimbral instrument.

next up are the filters: 6 low-pass resonant (up to self-oscillation), keyboard tracking VCFs and 6 high-pass filters (no resonance this time). the low-pass filter can also be modulated by VCO2. you might wanna have your kids leave the room before you test this out...

the modifiers: two LFOs (with delay) for that moving sound. both LFO1 and LFO2 have a range of waveforms: triangle, positive sawtooth, negative sawtooth and square wave.
the VX600 has no less than three ADSRs. or ADDSRs actually, as every envelope has two decay settings. every EG can also be delayed.

filip sneppe august 30, 1998